Solitaire Card Games

Although we want our children to be social, sometimes there is just no one around. A deck of playing cards is perfect for these times. Here are some 1 player games. It should be explained to the child that many solitaire games are based on just luck.

1. Suits and Numbers: The object of the game is to be left with as few cards as possible. 4 cards are dealt face up. If all 4 are of the same suit- they all can be removed. If not, look at the card in position 1 and 4. If they match number OR suit the two middle cards may be discarded. A new card is then laid down. Again look at the card in last position, then counting back wards 3 cards, the 1st position. If they match suit or number, the middle 2 cards may be discarded. Also if all 4 cards are the same suit or number,they all may be discarded. (4 cards are always needed, so if after discarding there are less than 4, deal out the additional ones needed.) Continue until all cards have been played then the game is over. Count how many cards remain and try to better this number next time.

2. King's Circle: Deal the cards face down following a circle shape. Make 12 piles around the circle (like a clock face), and an additional pile in the middle. Continue dealing all cards onto the piles face down except the last card. Turn this one over and look at the number. Each pile around the circle represents a number with jacks being 11, queens 12 and the king is in the middle. The card determines which pile the card goes under or next too. If, for example, it is a seven, it will be placed face up underneath the seven pile and the top card of that pile is turned over and is placed next. This continues until the fourth king is turned up, when it is placed under the king pile and there are no cards left in that pile to turn over and place. If all 52 cards are face up at that point, the game is won. If not it is lost.

Do you have a favorite card game to share?