Cooperative Outdoor Games! Clearance BLOW-OUT this week only

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Cooperative Summer Games
Summer is moving fast- get outside and take advantage of the weather while you still can!  Here are some games you can play at  camp, the beach, in your backyard, or school playground!! 
​1. Busy Bee:  You need some space to run around and listening  ears! 
​- Call out two body parts and say GO!  
​-Your children have to find a partner and stick those parts together.  For example, Call out foot and foot- they have to touch their feet together and freeze.  Call out hand and foot, one partner needs to toch the others foot.  
​- When you yell "Busy Bee" everyone scrambles until you call out another body part, when they have to stop, find a partner and freeze again! 
​-Get a little tricky and throw in left foot, right hand, or right knee, left foot!! 
​- Have half of your children carrying a balloon and the others not- now you have to find a partner and have the balloon between the body parts called! 

​2. Cooperative Line Up: All you need is space 
​- Have your children spread out around the area you are in.  
​- Call out a category such as height, age, or name.  Now your children have to line up in the correct order of the category you called.  For example, height  tallest to shortest- they have to quicjly find the tallest to shortest and stand inthe correct order.  
​- Have them complete the tasks without talking!!! Can your children line up in alphabetical order without using verbal communication? 

​3. Blanket Ball: You need a sheet or blanket, and a rubber kickball sized ball. 
​- Have your children spread out around the edges of the sheet/blanket, as they grab the edge step back to make sure it isn't sagging to the floor.  
​-Place the ball in the middle and now working as a team, they have to throw the ball up in the air without letting it fall off the blanket.  
​- Now set up a net or some kind of barrier and have two teams, one on each side of the net with their blankets.  Teams have to work together to get the ball over the net using the blanket.  

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