Is This Popular Toy Dangerous?

This puzzle - toy is very Popular... but is it Dangerous?

Many folks feel it teaches and practices important fine motor coordination skills. "What if there is a fire? Because they practiced window and door locks on this toy, it could save their life."

Others say: "Why teach a child, especially a child with special needs, how to get out of the house. Wandering is so prevalent, and every parents greatest fear. How do we keep our 
children safe?"

What's your thoughts? 

FW: New Twists on Familiar Gross Motor Fun!

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Old Games - New Twists for Gross Motor Fun

Let's get up and move!  Run, jump, hop, or dance.  All great ways to get some energy out.  Here are some great new twists to some common games.  

Gross Motor Silly Hopscotch:  Draw some large squares with chalk on the blacktop or make squares with tape on gym floor.  Spread these out so there is a few feet between each square.  Within the squares write  action words like jump, hop, skip, run, crab walk, bunny hop instead of numbers.  Now throw your stone (or bean bag) to a square and travel to that square by doing what is written inside.  Or for a group, have everyone start on a square, on "go" everyone moves at the same time to the next place, each doing their own action.

Red Light, Green Light:  One person (the caller) stands at the finish line, while the other players line up at start.  The game is started when the caller turns around and calls out "Red light, Green light, 1,2,3"  as the players run toward the finish line, when the caller turns around the players have to stop. If you don't stop you have to return to the finish line.  Instead of running, the players have to walk like a bear, crab walk, or jump like a frog to the finish line.   How long can you freeze in that position between turns? 

Musical Chairs: Set up some chairs like you always play or mark off an area, within the area place hula hoops.  If you have 10 children, place 10 hula hoops on the floor.  Put on some music, hop, skip, or march around.  When the music stops sit in a hula hoop!  Or how about COOPERATIVE musical chairs? When the music stops, share a chair, lap, leg, whatever as long as everyone sits!



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