FW: Multi-Matrix Game vs Tool; Child vs Adult

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Multi-Matrix Game

Game vs Tool; Child vs Adult?

Clients will think of this "cube" based activity as a game. But it really is an amazing Tool that every one of your clients can benefit from!

These un-assuming cubes and specialty dice are attractive and intriguing. Clients, of all ages, WANT  to interact with them.

What can you do with the Multi-Matrix Game?

What does it work on? 

Developed by Dr. Carl Hiller, optometrist, to help improve;

  • Visual Scanning and Visual fatigue, Spatial Processing (All needed for reading-copying from the board; Math!)
  • It also addresses:  pattern recognition, working memory, and cognitive endurance.
  • Also add in upper extremity midrange control, fine motor skills, bilateral integration, midline crossing, sensory integration.
  • Speech and language
  • Color Recognition, Numbers, Sequencing
  • And More!

Here are some Activity Ideas to get you started...

  • Scan to find the numbers in sequential order (Use as few or as many needed to challenge the client). Move them to an empty block.
  • Switch hands each time you move a block.
  • Repeat using the alphabet-letter side of the cubes.
  • Say the letter/number and the color of the base block your moving the die from and then what color your moving it to.
  • Use a tool like a zoo stick or heavy duty tong to move the blocks.
  • Use the dotted side of the dice as the base block, find and match its corresponding number.
  • Follow a number or letter sequence that is written or taped to the board or wall. Position the sequence in front or behind the client.
  • Combine tasks to adjust the challenge, scaling it to your clients needs; Use fewer blocks, add movement, spread them out, count backwards...

 Here's a video blog with other ideas:            http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq6PoQE5MQcco0oEaNRu69A

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