Simple and fun messy play!

Cornstarch and Water:

On a tray or in a shallow bowl, pour approximately one cup of cornstarch, add water and mix. The consistency will be smooth and slippery. Move around the mixture, draw or roll a car through it. Can you move your fingers fast enough to make a full circle before it moves back together again. Place a few boxes of cornstarch and some water into a large under the bed box and have your children walk on it. Watch this great video, as Ellen Degeneres learned about cornstarch magic!! (Link to Ellen on youtube)

Gelatin Painting

This one is a little more involved and will need more time to set up but still messy and fun. In a large container unroll and rip 6 rolls of toilet paper ( let your children rip the toilet paper, great fine motor activity) Pour water until it is wet. Grate the soap on top and mix Now stir in 1 1/2 cups of Borax into mixture. The mixture will become fluffy.

Product Highlight: My Sandbox

This portable, high quality, hardwood box comes with sand, tools and lid to keep it all contained. The clear plexiglass bottom allows the colorful lid or other art to be placed on the bottom. A fun, tactile way to reinforce letters, shapes, numbers. Item # T1151