Bottle caps & pompoms project, FLYING HAPPY FACE!

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101 Uses for Pompoms...
Pompoms are a natural attraction to children. They are bright, soft, fuzzy, a great size and just scream "touch me"!  They come in various sizes and colors and are so versatile. 
Simple Activities:
  • Sort by color or size
  • Fill numbered cups (2 pompoms in the cup marked 2)
  • Glue to outline letters, numbers, shapes, pictures.
  • Use with tools for hand strengthening (tweezers, clothespins, tongs, etc)
  • Use as a simple grasp and place in a container activity to address crossing midline, work on rotation, or core strengthening, etc
  • In hand manuipaltion or Squirreling- how many can you fit in the palm of one hand. Then using only that hand, bring one to fingertips and place in a bottle.
Tape baggies at the bottom of each tube for a color race. Then sort using a variety of tools. Great for pairs or work centers. 
Painters tape holds contact paper with sticky side in so pompoms stick or make a fuzzy picture.

Bottle Top Wall Art and Playboard:
Art project: Gluing bottle tops and bottle caps to make abstract art pieces is a creative recycling project that's easy to implement. It can be a class or school project that everyone participates in. It can be as large or small as you need. (Although real supports will be needed to hold the weight if large)
Bottle Top Bulletin Board: How about a bottle top bulletin board that can be actively used by students?  Glue the flat surface of the tops to a sheet of poster board attached to the bulletin board. This leaves the cap openings available to be filled. Try squirreling pompoms or beads, then bringing one to fingertips and use the subtle movements of the fingers (shift) to place them in the cap. This small movement is difficult to work on (similar to feeding a string through a straw), but addresses the muscle control used in handwriting.
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