Back To School

'It's that time again! You prepared - got the kids new clothes, notebooks, backpacks, sneakers, but what about you? It's time to dust off your bag, make a schedule and start the new school year with excitement and enthusiasm! We know this can be tough. So how about some great new "stuff" to get your spark back?

We put together some of our most popular items, then slashed prices to offer you a special discounted price.There are 2 bundles available:

"The BASICs" contains the materials that we always need and want to have close by at all times. Just add paper, pencil, crayons and you're ready for anything!

"The Wish List" bundle. You have all the basics, but need a few new "cool" items.These items are just the thing and there's a very good chance that most children haven't played with them yet!
Each at a discounted price!.

"The Basics"
Here Is a list of items included: Right handed AND a left handed 3" training scissors (Our favorite scissors for teaching cutting with control and accuracy); Mini loop scissors; Small Glitter pompoms; Putty Kit; Wood Peg Set; Tweezers; Popbead sets large and small-sized; 12 Accordion Pipes; Zoo Stick; Mini cards; Kim's Kup; Wikki stix #BK-B1

"The Wish List"
Items included: Speedy Match; Orbo; Mini Morphs; Spot It; ZeeBeez; Mini sport disc set; K-Basketball; Numeric & Picture Pieces # BK-B2

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