Summer Fun: A New Activities w Playing Cards; Free Give-away too!

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Summer Fun With an Old Favorite

A New Twist on Old Favorite- Deck of Cards

Sometimes it is difficult to keep the summer fun moving! You've been in the pool, went to the beach, or on day trips.  Those days at home can be filled with all sorts of inexpensive fun!

Here are a few  ideas with: A Deck of Cards

1. Construct a BridgeYou will need a pack of cards that you don't mind cutting.  Cut a half inch slit in the top and bottom of each card.  Take two cards and slide them together at the slit.
- When you slide four or five together, take one card and bend in half, now slide that in slit. 
- Take the edges of the bent card and slide each side into another card to make the stand.  Do this on each side of your bridge. 
- Too hard- make a smaller bridge. 
- See how creative you can be.  Can you make more than a bridge?  Motor planning, bilateral coordaintion, and fine motor skills at work here!!!

2. Deck of Card Workout: Let's get exercising! Take your deck of cards and shuffle them.  You can do this individually or as a group. 
- Set the deck of cards face down and take turns picking a card. 
- Hearts= push ups, Spades= squats, Clubs= sit ups, and Diamonds= jumping jacks.
- Everytime you pick a card you have to do the number of each exercise
- You can work as a team, work indiviudally, or take turns or do them together if you want a longer work out!

- Prefer Fine Motor Strengthening? How about Chair push-ups; String beads; push together popbeads; squirrel coins in your palm then place into a bank/slit or use tweezers and small pompoms.

3. Deck of Card Math:  Practice math skills with your deck of cards.  Flip two cards and add, subtrat, mulitply!
Too hard: Seperate the cards so you have all the ones together, all the twos together and so on.  Now take an ace (equal to 1)card and flip over another now do your math.  Keep the one card the same and keep flipping from the other deck. 
Too easy: Use the jack as an eleven, the queen as a twelve, king as a thirteen. 

4.  Math War: Play War but in order to take the flipped over cards, you have to solve the math problem. 
- Divide the deck evenly between all players.
- Decide what kind of math you are going to do- addition, subtraction, or multiplication.
- Start you game of War- all players flip over a card- the first player to solve the math problem gets to keep the cards. 
- Playing with more than two people you are going to have more difficult math problems to solve!


5. One more for all ages:  Practice shuffling and dealing. Remember to deal in the correct order and in the correct way, so no one can see a card as it is dealt. Shuffling is a real motor challenge. For beginngers: place all the cards face down on the table, mix them up, then practice straightening into a pile. Older children may like the challenge of learning to shuffle with 2 hands.

Fun Facts: Did You Know?

A few facts about a standard deck of cards.  Did you know....
1. The deck of cards was first used in China in the 12th century.
2. The suits (hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs) were first designed as coins, cups, swords, and sticks. 

Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR

Summer Fun: Rain, Rain Go Away- Fun Anyway!

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Rainy Day Fun

Not everyday can be beautiful and sunny, I guess!  Here are some fun indoor rainy days activities to pass the time. 

Pom Pom Poppers:   You need plastic cups, balloons, and some pom poms. 

- Take your plastic cup and cut the bottom off.  Now take your balloon and cut a piece off the TOP. 

- Now stretch your balloon to fit over the top of the cup and knot the end. 

- Place a pom pom inside, pull the balloon knot and let go!!!

- Make one for each player or take turns!

- How far does your pom pom fly? Can you reach the garbage can or box placed about ten feet away? Who shot the farthest? 

Great fine motor strengthening, bilateral coordination and planning activity.  You can also use marshmallows, cotton balls, or crumpled up pieces of paper. 

Masking Tape Maze: Take a roll of masking tape and make a maze on your carpet, through your house, or even over your furniture.  How do you get through the maze without walking?  Can you bear crawl through the maze?

- Or maybe work on oral motor strengthening and place a cotton ball or pom pom on the start now blow through a straw to move the cotton ball  to the end. 

- You can always make a shorter maze, straighter maze, or longer maze.  Too hard on the floor- make a maze on the table. 

Some More Simple and Fun Indoor Activities

Gross motor, fine motor, visual motor, and sensory fun for a rainy day!

Indoor Obstacle Courses- Use your couch pillows, chairs, tables, or rugs to jump over, on, through, crawl under.  Have your children plan and create it!!

Plastic Bottle Bowling: Line up empty plastic bottles and bowl them down!  Change it up- backward bowling- You have to roll the ball between your legs while you are turned around!

Color Scavenger Hunt: You have four minutes to run through the house and find as many blue items as you can and race back to start.  Add some memory recall and handwriting and have your children write down what they found when they return to start.   Switch it up- Find as many things as you can that start with the letter A!

Make a Sensory Bin: Grab a large bowl and some uncooked rice or beans, fill the bowl at least half way.  No hide small items inside- legos, puzzle pieces, beads, or pom poms.  Can you find them with your eyes closed?  Already have a sensory bucket? Make an ooey, gooey bucket with a bowl full of shaving cream!


Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR

Summer Fun: Beach Day; $1 Shipping; Facebk Give-A-Way

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Summer Fun: Beach Day

Fun in the Sun on the Sand may not always be so fun!  There is so much to bring with you and what do you do all day when you are sitting there.  And not to mention all the SAND!!

Well here are some fun ideas to make your beach day a FUN one! 


Don't Forget!

Ask your child to make a list of things they need for the beach.  Here are a few key items to bring with you for your day at the beach

  • Towels, umbrella, and sunscreen- of course
  • A small bottle of baby powder- for those children who do not like the sand sticking to them sprikle some baby powder on their skin and the sand rubs right off!
  • Shovels, pails, and sand toys- you can always bring old bowls, measuring cups, and spoons too.  Today my children scooped up sand with an empty Pringles chip container!
  • Water and some snacks

Fun Beach Games

Seek and Find:  As you are walking around the beach, look for pebbles, rocks, shells, small pieces of wood.  You can use them for the following games.

Sand Darts: Find a large, open area and draw a circle in the sand.  Now break up into teams.  You can have the shells vs. the rocks.  Standing about five feet away from the circle, try throwing your shell or rock into the circle.  Each one landing into the circle is one point but if it lands right in the center-five points!  Eye hand coordination, motor planning, turn taking, and a great way to interact with friends and family while you are on the beach. 

Some changes to the game- Make the circle larger or smaller, make more than one circle and have each one be worth a different amount of points.  Stand farther or closer away to your target!

Beach Tic Tac Toe: Draw a large tic tac toe board in the sand.  You can use your shells and rocks instead of X's and O's

Make A Face: With your collections of shells, rocks, and drift wood- How many faces can you make?  Can you make your whole family?  Or maybe make more than a face, try making a whole body.   

You can also practice letters and numbers.  Can you write your name?  Or your friend's name? How far in the alphabet can you get before running out of shells?

Bucket Races:  All you need is a few buckets!  Set up your teams and let's race!  There are so many ways:

- Sand races- Who can fill their buckets up to the top with sand first? Use your shovels or better yet your hands to fill the bucket to the top! Upper body strength, bilateral coordaintion as you scoop up the sand and motor planning. 

- Sand Relay- Set up in teams, with the buckets about ten-fifteen feet away.  Scoop up some sand in your hands or shovel, now run to the bucket and drop it in.  Race back and tag your team mate, now it is their turn to scoop and run. 

- Water races- Who can race to the water, fill their bucket and get back to the finish line first?  Gross motor strength and planning at work!

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