Got a minute activity: Fine Motor Scissor Project

Flying Goldfish: 2 snips on a strip of paper, fold and fly! These are made that quickly and are fun to fly!

Cut a strip from a 8.5"x 11" sheet of paper (more or less - exact measurements not needed, unless ruler work is needed). About 1" in from either end, draw then snip a slit about 1/2 way through the width of he paper on opposite sides of the paper. Bend, tuck and fly! (see diagram).

1. Mark 2” in from the right edge of the paper, on both the top and bottom. Join these marks making a 2” wide strip down the right side of the paper. (Fig. A)

3.  Find the bottom right corner of the paper; measure UP along the right edge of the paper 2 inches. Mark this spot. (Fig. B) 

4.  At this new mark, draw a 1” horizontal line. (Fig. B)

5.  Find the top of the line drawn in step 2. Measure DOWN along this line 2 inches. Mark this spot.  Make a 1 inch horizontal line at this mark as you did in step 4, EXCEPT the horizontal line must be drawn to the right of the vertical line being measured (draw into the strip not into the remainder of the paper). Your pattern is now complete. (Fig. B)

6.  Decorate.

7.  Cut carefully along the long line, making 2 pieces of paper. (The larger piece will not be used for this goldfish, but 3 or more goldfish could be made from this extra piece of paper.) (Fig. C)

8.  Very carefully snip the short lines – remember to STOP WHEN THE LINE STOPS!! (Fig. C)

9.  Lay the strip onto the table with the decorations face down. 

10.  Hold both ends of the paper (one in each hand) and bring them together to form a loop. (Fig. D)

11.  Interconnect the snips (adjust depth of snips as needed). (Fig. E) 

Now your Goldfish is ready to fly. Hold loop with two fingers; one in loop and the other out – Careful not to crush it! Hold up very high, just DROP it -the higher the better (maybe stand on steps) and watch it roll and tumble! (Just let go- do not toss it like an airplane)

^excerpt from Paper Folding toys by Pocket Full of therapy