Fine Motor FUN in the Kitchen

Inside a lot lately? Let’s raid the kitchen. What is in those cabinets that you can use for kid friendly projects? Here are some ideas from my own cabinets.

Pasta- Use elbow or penne pasta and some string to make a necklace. You can also use pipe cleaners and twist the ends together. Paint the pasta first and let it dry for a more colorful piece of jewelry. You can decorate a frame with the pasta or make a work of art.

Popcorn- Make a popcorn picture. Simply glue the popcorn to a piece of construction paper, you can make a popcorn snowman- trace three different circles on the paper then glue popcorn on the paper. If you feel like getting messy- you can melt marshmellows and mix them with the popcorn form three different sized balls and make an actual snowman. You can give the snowman a face with raisins and buttons with cheerios.

Cereal- You can string cheerios or glue them onto construction paper. Make letter cards and have your children copy them in cereal. Maybe you have a cereal with different colors, you can sort and match colors or shapes.

If you don’t want to use foods you can always make a game out of utensils and other kitchen supplies. Use chop sticks to pick up game pieces. Don’t throw away your egg cartons- mark each section with a color, number or letter, you can use it as a sorting activity with magnetic letters or puzzle pieces. Use a turkey baster and cotton balls and have a race- who can move the cotton ball across the table fastest?