Let's revisit- Play dough

Here are some fun activities for play dough or putty

Simply roll it into a ball or snake, flatten it into a pancake, or make a picnic lunch. You can use a plastic knife to cut the food and fork or spoon to practice picking up their food. Flatten the play dough into a pizza, pinch and roll play dough into toppings (flatten small circles for pepperoni), then cut into triangle slices.

-Roll out your play dough and form letters or numbers; If your child needs a model you can have the letters/numbers written on a large piece of paper or try to form them without a visual cue. Or when the play dough is rolled out stick pegs into the play dough (snake) and make snake skin.

-Flatten out the play dough and use cookie cutters to form different shapes; if you have animal cookie cutters make a far

- Need to practice cutting? Roll your play dough into a hot dog and cut into pieces with scissors.

- Hide pegs or popbeads inside the play dough and have your child find them. You can flatten out play dough to about ½ inch thick and with a pincer grasp push pegs into it to make a chocolate chip cookie.

Try to make your own Play Dough!

Here is what you will need: 2 cups of flour, I cup of salt, and 1 cup of cold water. Mix all ingredients until smooth. If you want some different colors add food coloring to the mix.