Rockin B-Ball

Now everyone can "shoot for a hoop" with this addictive little 4 inch transparent orb. Play against the clock, head to head, best of 10, even "horse". Every time you score a basket, you're rewarded with flashing lights and cheers from the Cyber-audience. Now don't get too confident, it's not as easy as it looks. But with just the right flick of the wrist you too can be a high scorer.Now in 2 sizes.

Grab a timer and your Rockin B-ball and have a competition. Who can get the most baskets in your time frame. Can you score with two hands? One hand? How about with your eyes closed?
Do you have a small group? Play hot potato, one child scores a basket then passes it to the next. Keep passing til your timer runs out or you score 10 points. Good teamwork!!

This is a great warm up, then work on writing or other fine motor tasks. You can write about how many points you scored, who won the game, was it a tie? or maybe finish this story starter. The game was tied 45 to 45, I was on the foul line and.....

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?"

Are you going on any long car trips, train rides, or an airplane ride? Here are some fun and easy to bring along games to keep your children busy.

Freestyler Sketcher: The next generation from the Etch a Sketch people! Use the joystick like control knob to draw curves, squiggles, circles and even letters. As always, just shake to erase and start your next masterpiece. U7623

Water Magic- Take Along: Paint anywhere, anytime! Simply wet one of the brushes and start your masterpiece. Wait a few minutes and it disappears...just like magic. Self-contained for easy, take-along-travel fun. 12" by 12" book converts easily to an easel shape for vertical presentation of drawing surface. Fun, non-threatening way to practice formation of shapes, letters and numbers. Item # W5165

Wikki Stix Activity: Set: Comes with 84 short colored wikki stixs and a firm, durable, reusable playboard to work your wikki's on. Board can also be used as a write - wipe surface. You can draw a design, then outline it in wikki's (sorry-pens not included). Playboard is also great for working in a vertical plane, and also when no surface is available (i.e. travel, bed). R3004