Got a minute activity: fine motor coordination

Learn and practice the "Jumping Rubber band" trick. Place a rubber band around the index and pointer fingers, close your hand and when opened again the rubber band "jumps" to the ring and little finger. How is it done? While the hand is closed, secretly stretch and slip all of your fingertips, under the stretched band. When you open the fingers again, the rubber band will come off the 1st fingers and go around the last two. 

 Years ago, famed magician David Cooperfield joined forces with, Julie DeJean, OTR and developed Project Magic. It was a collection of magic tricks and  illusions selected for the motor skills and coordination required to complete them. It's goal was to motivate as well as to improve motor skills.

"Most people with disabilities have come to believe that they are less capable than a non-disabled person. Therefore, the ability to perform simple magic allows them to do something that others cannot. Performing magic involves knowing something that the audience does not know - the secret. The performer can work "miracles."This baffles the spectator and creates within the performer a sense of accomplishment, pride, and self-fulfillment.Self-esteem and motivation are essential to the achievement of rehabilitation goals" (

Got a minute activity: Memory Tic-Tac-Toe

This is a new twist on an old game. Short term memory is challenged by this quick game. So is mental visualization and strategy. Once players get good at it, you can play anywhere; like in the car while traveling, on a school bus or while waiting anywhere. This cognitive challenge may also be helpful as a distraction to reduce anxiety.

This is Memory Tic-Tac-Toe:   Draw a traditional playing board, then number 1-9 as demonstrated. Players take turn claiming places by number, mentally keeping track of all spaces played by both players. After someone states they have Tic-tac-toe, ask them to prove it by placing markers on the board. All must agree to the places marked to win the game.

Tips for copying from board, counting, sequencing that can improve efficiency


The New TurnUnit 3D Balance Trainer (aka Dizzy Disc Senior!)

New design with a 300lb weight limit easily accommodates teens, Tweens and adults ! You know this toy is a "must have" for sensory seekers and others that just gotta spin regardless of age. 16" non-skid platform adjusts angle to challenge balance and change sensory input. Sit, lay or stand (with caution!). Also great for rehab and sports training. Strengthens core too!  Here's more info:

Quick Neuro review...

NIH - has a quick & simple game called "Lobe-oratorium" that reviews the brain lobes and their functional skills. See how well you remember Neuro 101..
Try it here: Click

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