Give a Squirt - Fun Hand Strengthening Activities!

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Squirt Your Way to Strong Hands!

You probably have a squirt bottle or two around the house. Clean them out and use them for these fun activities.  Also check out your local dollar store, they may have different sizes and styles. (Squeeze trigger or pump top) You can also try a standard water bottle. (You'll need to squeeze the bottle itself)

Squirt Bottle Bowling: Line up toilet paper or paper towel rolls and see how many you can knock down with one squirt, maybe two!  Too hard? How many squeezes of your squirt bottle does it take? Can you do it in less next time?

Squirt Bottle Races: Set up two golf tees with a ping pong ball on top of each.  Run to the golf tee, squeeze your squirt bottle until the ball falls off the tee, then run back- Who won?  You can also make this into a relay race or as an activity for one. Don't have golf tee's? Try using traffic cones, a baseball tee or typical water bottles without the top screwed on.

Squirt Bottle Knockdown: Stack a pyramid of plastic cups and see how many squeezes it takes to knock it down.  How high can you stack the cups? 

Squirt Bottle Art Activity 1: Fill your squirt bottle with water.  You'll also need coffee filters and washable markers.  Color in the coffee filters completely, using more than one color. Then, when the coffee filter is colored in, spray it with your water bottle until colors run together. When done, leave it to dry or squeeze coffee filter in a paper towel to dry faster.  Then take a clothespin and pinch the middle of the coffee filter- You have a butterfly! 

Squirt Bottle Art Activity 2: Use several bottles. Fill each with a different color water or tempera paint (add extra water to thin the paint if needed for easier spraying). Place a large piece of paper on an easel or suspend on a clothesline and squirt away!


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Cute and adorable water/air puff toys.  Assorted 2" animals squirt water when squeezed.  Or use them to replace the squirt bottle for the above activities.  Item # P2702

Spikey Blow Fish:

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Stack'em UP

Speed Stack is a set of specially designed plastic cups used to participate in one of the simplest, most  therapuetic and readily assessable sports around.  Sport stacking is what you do with the cups! Improve bilateral coordination, response speed, and upper extremity stability.  Item # B5413

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