"A" My Name Is.... A Brain Game?

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"A" My Name Is... A Brain Game?!

Many of us (especially those of us of a certain age), grew up playing this simple game. It usually was played with a small rubber "pinky" ball. When it was your turn, you said the poem, filling in all the blanks, while simultaneously and continuously bouncing the ball. Stop bouncing, catch or miss the ball or if unable to fill in a blank -  you were out of the game. Last one is the winner.

What we didn't know was how great this simple game was for the brain. Pulling together abstract thinking, demanding quick processing and pairing it all with motor coordination. It is a complex task that requires simultaneous use of multiple areas of the brain.

Try it with your students - Their performance may surprise you!

The Original Poem:

Follow the alphabet. All blanks must begin with the current letter.

  • "A" my name is "Alice"
  • I come from "Atlanta" 
  • And I like "Apples"

Variations - Adaptations:

Change the Motor Challenge:

  • Lift your leg over the ball as it bounces every time you say your letter word (Alice; atlanta...)
  • Alternate hands as you bounce
  • After a few rounds, change the direction of play or shuffle players positions
  • Use different size balls
  • Use more than 1 ball - so 2 play at a time
  • Throw the ball up and catch it, instead of bouncing (our small ergo ball is perfect for this! It won't roll away.)
  • Use a balloon and keep tapping it up - alternate hands for an added challenge
  • Clap- set a pattern or rhythm that everyone does

Add a memory component:

  • "My name is mike,  her name is Mary, his name is John"
  • "My name is Mary and I like Merry-go-rounds, he likes licorice, she likes kites"

Customize the poem as needed:

  • Practice vital information: use the students real name, address, and maybe add a phone number.
  • Practice Spelling words: My word is _____   and it is spelled _______.
  • Keep it simple: My name is _______ and my favorite food /TV show/Super hero/Subject in school is _______.


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