Twelve Days of Christmas- Continued

We have six more days in our song!

On the Seventh Day.....We have Seven Swans Swimming

It may be too cold to swim but your children can still pretend play with their small figures and toys. On a cookie sheet or tray, spray some shaving cream and ask them to spread it out on the tray, making a pool. Now have them pick some small figures and go swimming in the shaving cream! Create a whirlpool, drawing circles and other shapes in the shaving cream.

On the Eighth Day......We have Eight Maids Milking

Have your child help make a snack. Making pudding is an easy snack. Pour milk into the measuring cup and have your child pour it into the mixing bowl with the pudding powder. When the pudding is finished- have snack time or writ your name.

On the Ninth Day..... We have Nine Ladies Dancing

Dance, Dance Dance, Play freeze dance. Put on some music and dance around, when the music stops you have to freeze! Anyone that is still moving has to sit. Keep going until there is only one person standing. Then get up and dance again!

On the Tenth Day....We have Ten Lords Leaping

Hop, Jump, and Leap through an obstacle course. Hop on one foot for five feet, then jump in and out of hoops or over a jump rope. Now leap over pillows or blocks. Have a relay race through your obstacle course.

On the Eleventh Day... We have Eleven Pipers Piping

Make some music!! Gather as many household items as you can and see what makes music and what doesn't. You can shake a box of rice or macaroni, clap together two empty bottles, or tap a spoon against a plastic cup. March around and have a musical parade!

On the Twelfth Day...... We have Twelve Drummers Drumming

Keep those household musical instruments out! Now drum on whatever you find. Which is louder, drumming with a spoon and pot or wooden spoon and box? Try to copy rhythms, you bang one..two..three. Can your child copy the exact sound?

Twelve Days of Christmas

On the First day...... You have a partridge in a pear tree....

Leaf prints are a fun way to end the fall season. Collect some of those last leaves on the ground before the snow comes or in the warmer weather just grab some off the tree. Place them under a sheet of white computer paper, now with the side of a crayon rub over the leaves until you can see the leaves appear on the white paper. The more pressure applied on the crayon the darker the leaf will be.

On the Second day.... You have two turtle doves.....

Bird Seed project- Make reindeer food! Have your children scoop some bird seed and glitter into a zip loc bag. On Christmas Eve sprinkle your "reindeer food" outside so the reindeer can find your house!

On the Third day... You have three French Hens...

Animal Walks- How far across the room, can you walk like a hen? a bear? a crab? Have animal walk relay races as part of your group session or around your house.

On the Fourth day... You have four Calling Birds...

Play a game of telephone. Someone starts with a message and whispers it in the ear of the person next to them, and so on down the line. When the last person hears the message, they then have to say it out loud. How different is the message from the original?

On the Fifth day... You have five Golden Rings...

Hula Hoop activities- tie two hula hoops together with string and loop one around a basketball net, Now you have three "baskets" instead of one. Keep score as you shoot. Scoring in the hula hoops will be easier then the basket so make sure they aren't worth as many points!

On the Sixth day.. You have six Geese a laying...

Duck Duck Goose! An old time favorite. Have your children sit in a circle. One person is "It" and gets to walk around, tapping each child, saying "duck" "duck" or "Goose". When you say "Goose" that child gets up and runs around to try and catch the child up already before they get to their space in the circle.