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Blocco Building Sets

The models you create with Bloco are all amazing! Whether you follow one of the patterns or create something of your own design, your efforts will be rewarded. Colorful pieces of high density foam are held together with plastic figure eight shapes connectors. Instruction sheet breaks down the large constructions so they are built section by section. Quantity of each part needed for that section is provided to help with organization. Presenting the directions in this manner allows even younger children to successfully build lions and tigers, snakes and dragon. The finished products are truly awesome providing each builder with a satisfying "I did that" moment. A wonderful way for children and adults to work on visual perception and fine motor skills.

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Check out Stacking Sandwich Game

This Get Up and Go Game is really a collection of 10 action packed activities all centered around large foam sandwich making ingredients. Pattern cards show you which ingredients and in what order the food needs to be placed on the bread. Can you remember the correct order and where to find them all? These activity based games encourage movement while improving memory and matching. So everybody up, lets go find some lettuce!

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