Summer is Near the End, School is Just Around the Bend

As the summer ends, some of us are excited and some not so much, but another school year is already here!

There are so many things to do to get ready for school and so many things your child can help with. Getting them involved with the packing and planning, gives them some control and hopefully alittle excited about starting a new school year.

As you are receive school supply lists from teachers, have you child make his own list. Break out those pencils and paper and ask them to copy the list (making their own shopping list) and add to it other items they think they'll need. School probably won't list items like: a new "cool" lunch bag and matching backpack, Sneakers with extra long laces for easier and faster tying. (Or this may be the "perfect" time to teach shoe-tying! ( Jude's Shoe box makes it quick and easier to learn! M7029 $12.95). Also discuss if duplicates are needed of any item. One for school, and one for home use.

While shopping continue to give them as many choices as possible. No, they can't pick the most expensive items. If appropriate, give them a budget either for all the items on the list, what they added to the list, or item by item as you shop. If it's within budget, do you really care which super hero is pictured? When shopping or once you purchase all their supplies, ask your child to go through and carefully check items off their list. Do they have everything? What is missing? Now ask them to organize all the supplies. What goes to school, what stays for use during homework? (Use caution when discussing the dreaded "H" word!)

Can they write their name and the subjects on the folders and notebooks? If needed they can copy words from a piece of paper you write on. (Great practice for copying from the board!) They can also draw a picture for each subject. Maybe flowers for science; a book for reading; part of the alphabet for spellling... Can they put pencils in the cases and organize their book-bag?

Are you buying new school clothes? Have your children help take off the tags and put them in the wash. Will it fill a laundry basket? Have them carry or push the basket through the house to the washing machine and dump it in. Time to dry, then fold, they can help with that too!.
All of these tasks are so much easier to do yourself but letting your child do it will promote confidence, independence and hopefully get them excited to start the new school year!

What Can We Do With Water?

Here are some fun and "cool" activities to try!

Fill a bucket of water and get some old paintbrushes. Give each child a paintbrush and ask them to paint the outdoor furniture, playgorund equipment or the side of your house. They will be working those little muscles from their fingers all the way up to their shoulders and cleaning at the same time!

Water relay races: You will need 2 buckets and some sponges. Set up one bucket filled with water and an empty one a few feet away. Dip your sponge and run to the empty bucket, squeeze the water out into the empty bucket. How many times do you have to run back and forth? Set up relays, Who can fill the bucket faster?

Water Cup Relay: You will need 2 plastic cups, with holes in the bottom and 2 buckets; 1 empty and 1 filled with water. Fill the cup and run for it. How much water is in the cup to dump into your empty bucket? How fast can you run?