Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles

Take out some old puzzles. There are so many ways to play with a puzzle besides just sitting at a table.

1. When you and your child are completing a puzzle, don’t just sit at a table and put it together. Sit on the floor with the puzzle pieces spread out around you. Have your child lay on their stomach on the floor and place the pieces in the puzzle. You can work on trunk and upper body strength while concentrating on the puzzle.

2. Another fun way to complete your puzzle. If you have fun tack or strong tape, put some on the back of each puzzle piece and place the pieces on the wall about one to two feet from the floor. Have your child lay on their stomach on the floor and for each piece, they have to lift up their upper body to reach a piece.

3. Make your puzzle part of an obstacle course. You can put all the pieces on the floor near a balance beam and with each walk across to beam squat down to pick one piece up, or place them in front of a tunnel and with each trip through the tunnel pick one piece.

4. Place the puzzle pieces around the floor and use different animal walks to pick up pieces. Walk like a bear to pick up one piece and put it in the puzzle board. Then walk like a crab to another and so on. If you have enough room, use a scooterboard to pick up pieces, as your child lays on their stomachs moving the scooter with their hands, have them pick up one piece, place it under themselves on the board and then scooter back to the board.