Play Dough, Putty, Clay, Every Kind of Way!

Who knew you could have so many different options when it came to putty, play dough, and clay? Here are some of the best products to strengthen those small muscles of the hand.

EI EI Dough: Brightly colored packs of reuseable dough. Squeeze, roll, pound or mold the dough into the shape desired. Then simply add the printed punch-out parts to successfully create 10 different fun animal friends. This is a great product for your younger children, learning animals, animal sounds, or just having fun. Also a great birthday gift! Item # T3507

Clay Pictures: Just push and smush! Use the 8 bright colors of never dry clay to color the 3 pictures. Reuse the picture molds or decorate with included preprinted background cards and colorful frames. Great for children a little older, it will provide more input and need a little more strength. Item # S1184


This unique sensory-motor product will have children asking you if they can practice their letters! Players use the magnetic stylis as their pencil and the bead board. (11x9) as their paper. Trace each letter using the stylus and directional arrow provided.It is fascinating to watch as the magnetic stylus pulls beads up to create solid lines and curves. Erase, or release beads back down by pushing with the top of a finger. The sensory input receive reinforces the lesson being worked. With the Free Play board, (6x7) you get to let your imagination run wild! Have fun, this is way cool!

My First Scissors

Innovative pair of ergonomically desigend, spring operated scissors, perfectly proportioned for children's hands. Works equally well for right or left hand cutting with a soft, no slip grip and rounded safety tips. Works great for children or adults with reduced hand strength and finger mobility.

Find It Board Game

Fun game for improving visual discrimination and figure ground skills. Players try to be the first to find all 12 of the items from their game board depicted on the 48 photo quality game cards. Play by taking turns or try everyone plays all at once, for a faster, zanier game. The picture quality of the game cards makes them perfect for language deveopment and vocabular building. Great take along travel size. V4031 $9.99

Let's PLay Ball!

E-Z Bat and Ball

With the E-Z Bat, all ball players can "hit one outta the park". Set comes with one E-Z bat, one E-Z Stopper and 2 specially desgined, E-Z Balls. Simply place the stopper over the bat followed by the ball...swing..and just watch it go! For younger children, place ball closer to the tip of the bat. In this position, a successful hit requires less force from the batter. If you want player to work harder, and use more force, start with the stopper and ball further down bat. All foam construction, so bat is very light and everyone gets to play! Easier and more successful than "T" ball for learning to swing. Dads really like the E-Z bat!

Spooner Boards

A truly amazing, "one of a kind" piece of equipment! Improve balance, weight shifting, coordination, motor planning, and gross motor skills while strengthening ankles, legs and core musculature. the "spoon shape" lets you replicate most board sports in any location and on any surface, inside or out. virtually indestructible, the balance boards safely hold 250+ pounds. Learn to stand, rock, pivot and spin, both regular and "goofy footed." Lots of online instructions and videos for learning basic moves and advanced tricks. A terrific product that's fun for all!

The spooner board is a great addition to any therapy bag or play room. It is light and easy to carry. Add the spooner to your gross motor play;
- Make balancing on the board a step in your obstacle course; can you balance for five seconds, ten seconds, fifteen seconds? Then step off and move on to the next obstacle course step.
- For your older, more advanced children, stand on the board as you play with our zoomball, throw a bean bag at a target or balance while they are having a catch.
- For your younger children, place the spooner board near a therapy mat or your couch pillows, just in case they fall or if they want to crash!