Pop, Pop, Popbeads

There are so many activities you can do with one small bag of popbeads.

1. Hide the popbeads in putty or play dough and have your child dig through to find them. It is a great fine motor strengthening activity. If they are having difficulty, have them roll the putty into a snake and the popbeads will start
popping out.

2. Put your popbeads in the center of the table or floor. Playing a game with dice, take turns rolling dice to see how many popbeads you have to push together. Great counting activity. If you have dice with colors on each side, you can play a color matching game.

3. Use your popbeads as game pieces in checkers or tic tac toe. You will probably need more then one bag. For checkers, have each player use a different color and move them across the board, when you jump over your opponent pop your popbead to the extras, when you have to make someone ‘king” pop two together for your king. Playing tic tac toe, you will need the same color or same shape, play to the rules of tic tac toe but instead of using x’s and o’s you can use your popbeads, when you win pop them together and play another game.

4. Pattern play and copy- make a pattern with your set of popbeads and have your child copy it. You can draw a pattern on a piece of paper or verbally give them a pattern to copy. Ask them to make a pattern and then you copy it.