Mountain Breathing:  A great strategy to encourage a breathing break when upset, stressed or escalating. Demonstrate then ask the child to do this by themselves. Spread out the fingers on 1 hand. Use the other index finger to trace the outside of the thumb as you:  "Let's Climb the mountain-Inhale slowly (1,2), slide up the mountain to the top  - STOP (hold breathe) to see the view 3,4;   then (exhale slowly) slide down  5, 6";  Repeat on all fingers.


Indoor recess activity ideas

Brrr- Baby it's cold out there!  Only a snowman is happy in the cold weather that is overtaking much of the US right now. So what to do when kids can't go outside after lunch? Here's some ideas to spark your creativity.

PickUp Sticks   (Ask parents to save and collect unused chopsticks- put colored tape on tips or decorate with markers)

Rug Square or Construction Paper Hopscotch Game
Gets students up & moving - which is a very good thing!
Pipe Cleaner Fun:  Make letters, shapes, animals, etc.
 then straighten out and use again!
Here is a link to our pipe cleaner special:  PIPE CLEANER SPECIAL
Block Design Copy: There are many games that provide both the blocks & design cards to copy. But if you're looking to DIY- start with any block you have on hand. Be sure each player has the same blocks. 1 designs then others copy.