Accordion Pipes

Here are some fun activities you can do with our accordion pipe set. They come in sets of twelve- colored or clear and are great for hand and arm strengthening, bilateral coordination, and motor planning. They also make a great sound when pulled apart.

Accordion pipes are a great upper body warm up for children. Have your child hold each side of the accordion pipe and pull it apart and push together. Have them sit on a t-stool while pulling and pushing the tubes. This will require trunk control and upper body strength. When asking your child to sit on a t-stool, stay behind them and guard them in case they lose their balance.

You can place marbles or small popbeads in one side and have your child move the objects inside through the maze of accordion pipe. When the small popbeads reach the other side, have your child push them together. Push two or three accordion pipes together and make the maze longer and more difficult to move through.

You can use accordion pipes as a visual or auditory attending task as well. Pretend you are a pirate. Have your child use the accordion pipe as a telescope, search the room for “treasure” as you ride around on a scooterboard. You can give them directions through an accordion pipe as they hold it to their ear.

Use the accordion pipes as a gross motor activity. Pull the pipe apart all the way and join the ends, making a circle. You can use them as part of an obstacle course, jumping in and out of the circles. If you have ten accordion pipes, use all of them to form circles and place them on the floor as hopscotch board.