Top Ten Activities with a Therapy Ball

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Top Ten Therapy Ball Activities
Whether you don't have a lot of space to work or you have a gym, a therapy ball is a perfect piece of equipment.  Here are some activities that will have your children working their muscles as well as having fun! 
1. Wheelbarrow Walking Over the Ball:  Have your child lie on their belly on the ball, as you push the ball forward, they can reach out and place their hands on the floor.  In this position you can have your child complete a puzzle or pegboard.  How many pieces can they get in before needing a break? 
2. Bounce Catch: Use those upper extremity muscles and lift the therapy ball overhead, bounce and catch.  Throw the ball against the wall and be ready to catch on the return. 
3. Steamroll: While your child is lying on the rug or therapy mat roll the therapy ball over them.  Make them a pancake and then roll on some butter and syrup. 

4. Sit up Bean Bag Toss: Have your child sit on the therapy ball and place bean bags behind them.  While you support them at the knees, have them lie backward over the ball, pick up a bean bag and sit up.  Once they are sitting ask them to throw it at a target.  
5.  Wall Kick:  Have your child lie flat on their backs, bottom against the wall.  Now place the therapy ball at their feet, can they push the ball up the wall and catch it on the way down?  If you have more then one student, have them lie next to each other and pass the ball using their feet.  
6.  Ball Seat: Of course this isn't a new idea but make sure when using the therapy ball as a seat your child is safe!!!  Their feet should be on the floor!  If possible use a ball seat base, so the ball doesn't roll.  

7.  Ball Drum: Banging on the therapy ball can make some great sounds!  Can your child imitate the sound you make, when you hit the ball?  See how many they can copy in the pattern. 
8.  Wall Squats:  Place the ball against the wall at waist level.  Have your child put their back to the ball.  Now stregthen those legs with some squats.  
9. Can You Hit the Paperclip?: Play catch but aim at paperclip. When you hit the clip it will move so you have to adjust where you stand.  Also be sure symmetrical and not over 1 shoulder.
10. Steady Dribble:  Dribble using steady pressure for steady height. More difficult than you think. How many bounces using 1 hand, alternating hands.  You can also play games such as  "a my name is..." for some cognitive distraction.