Recess Boring? SHAKE IT UP!

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Boring Indoor Recess? Shake it Up!
As winter drags on and the snow piles higher, schools have no choice but to keep children indoors more and more at recess and during after school programs. Kids get bored of the same activities over and over and we all know bored kids means there could be trouble brewing. Shake it up!
Most schools have no money to spend on "entertaining" children, but most families have games their children no longer play. The children may have outgrown them, lost a few pieces or just got bored with them.  PERFECT! They can be used by the younger grades, duplicate games can be combined to fill in any missing pieces and they maybe new or favorite games to others.

The amount of games donated can be overwhelming. So maybe start by posting a "Games Wanted" sign in the teachers room or by the mailboxes. Remember to place a large collection box or instructions where to drop the games off. Try to keep it convenient. Or plan a special time when folks can bring in and swap games.

The Next Step?
Parents (and don't forget grandparents) may have a huge number of games to donate. These may be very diverse and some may actually be inappropriate or not wanted at school. Include a sample list of "Like these Please" vs "No thank you" to avoid getting too many "No Thank You's".
Here's a sample:
"Like These Please"
- Chess
- Checkers
- Headache
- Chutes and Ladders
- Trouble
- Backgammon
- Boggle
- Yahtzee
- Twister
- Decks of cards, Uno, Duo...
- Building sets
- Jenga

"No Thank You"
- Pie face
- Laser tag
- Tiny cars, dolls or trucks
- Collectibles
- Electronic gadget games
- Very noisy toys or musical instruments
- Guns, darts, boomerangs, slingshots
- Games like monopoly that can't be finished quickly

Need Directions?
So you don't have to ask? Here are links to directions for popular games that you may have forgotten how to play:
Chess: Don't be intimidated, it's really a simple game. Capture the other King, while protecting yours. Yes pieces can only move a specific way, but it's really only 6 pieces to learn. Here's a link to solitaire chess that is an online game for 1 player so you can learn to play & see how to easy it can be to play:
Here's a website with directions for many classic board games including: Checkers, Parcheesi, Chinese checkers, Backgammon, and many, many others.