Flashlight Fun & Games

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Flashlight Fun & Games!
Kids LOVE flashlights and shadows. There is just something mysterious and exciting about the dark. So let's use their intrinsic curiosity for skill development and let's have some fun too!

Hand Shadows
Positioning fingers and hands to look like animal shadows has been around forever. Here are some ideas: some simple, others complex, and some unusual ones too.
Click pictures to print the images
* All images can be found on Pinterest

Other Shadow Games:
Shadow Tracing: Standing the object on a wood block pedestal makes them seem more majestic or like statutes. 
Also note how the light comes from the side, allowing the child to freely trace without getting in the way of the shadow. Use opposite side for lefties.

Flashlight Tag: Project your light to a specific spot and ask everyone to get their light on to yours. Or project your light onto the floor and ask everyone to run and stomp on it. Then quickly move it to another spot.

Morse Code Messages:  We found this guide on pinterest that shows how the codes were devrived for each letter. It makes it alittle easier to understand. But a pencil and paper is still needed. Click the picture for the full chart. 

Need a flashlight?
Borrow one from a family member or custodian. Hardware stores, supermarkets, and most conveniece stores sell them. Frequently they are in economical packs.  Remember extra batteries too!
Eco Flashlites are hand powered. So hands get a workout too! PFOT's are $9.95
Mini Flashlites on keychains throw alot of light. PFOT's are only $1.50