Ten Activities For Those Plastic Eggs!

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Ten Activities For Your Plastic Eggs!

You filled the eggs, hid them, your children found them- Now what to do with them?  If you don't celebrate Easter, visit the clearance rack and get some plastic eggs for these great activities!

All activities can be completed with large or small plastic eggs that open and come apart. 

1. Break open all your eggs, seperate tops and bottoms, placing a pile on one side of the room then the matches on the other.  Now have your children animal walk from one pile to the other to find the matching egg. 

2. Take your plastic eggs; on the top of the egg write the upper case alphabet (one letter per egg) then write the lower case alphabet on the bottom of the egg (one letter per egg). Place them all in a large bucket, now dig and find the matches.

3.  Take your tops of the plastic eggs and draw dots, now write numbers on the bottom of the eggs.  Count the dots and try to find the matching number. 

4. Most eggs have a small hole in the top or bottom of the egg.  Take a thin string or ribbon and string your eggs.  You can make them look like a caterpillar. 

5. Shaker eggs; fill them with various objects, close them up and shake them.  Can you guess what is inside?

6.  Paint with your egg pieces- Who needs a paintbrush? Open your eggs, dip in paint and create on a large piece of paper. 

7. Site Word Egg Match: On the top of each egg, write a beginning letter or two then on the bottom write an ending to words.  Match and make your site words. 

8.  Egg races: You need a couple of eggs and spoons.  Place the egg on the spoon and race across the room.  Can you march without dropping the egg? Can you tip toe or walk around an obstacle while balancing your egg? 

9.  Practice Money: Take out some change, on the outside of the eggs write an amount.  Now count out and place the matching change in your egg. 

10. Egg shakers: Fill your plastic egg with rice or beans, tape them closed, place the egg in between two spoons and tape them together.  Shake, shake!!

Shaker Eggs

Egg Painting

Story Starters

Use these phrases, pictures, and beginnings of sentences to complete and write a story or illustrate a picture. 

1.  We searched and searched all over for the eggs but we....

2. We followed the large foot prints into the forest and we found....


The inchworm was ....

The mixed up ladybug flew.....

Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR