Coloring for Adults- on the Today Show!!

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Coloring Fun for Adults and Children

Featured on The Today Show, last Friday was a segment on coloring for adults.  Detailed, beautiful drawings in adult coloring books.  Click flowers on the right to watch. 

Coloring is an activity for all ages.  It can be fun and calming.  Spark creativity using your crayons. 

Color in all different positions; with your paper taped to the wall or door, color on the floor while laying on your stomach, color while kneeling at the table, or color while sitting at the table. 

Color with colored pencils, markers, crayons! And there are so many choices of each- short, long, fat, skinny, triangular.  So many to pick from!  The short broken crayons are the best for promoting a tripod grasp in those little hands. 


Awesome Coloring Products

Better Bumpy Coloring Books: Each page has a coloring picture with raised line boundaries, provides tactile input, increased visual boundary, and helps with poor coordaintion.  Item #W5720


Choose a Line Coloring Book: In each set of coloring pages, there are three different lines that make up the drawing.  Allows the progression of hand and arm control.  Item #W4130


Color By Dots:  This 40 page book, gives a dot in each section to match and color.  Each page shows what crayons you will need.  Item #W1767



Better Bumpy Coloring Book

Choose a Line Coloring Book

Color By Dots

Coloring Special

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