OMG IT'S EARTH DAY! Quick Projects-No Prep, Few Supplies Needed

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It's Earth Day - Wednesday April 22

Here are a few quick projects that need few supplies and prep. Perfect for last minute plans!

Twig Weaving

Tie small twigs together for the loom. Wrap with yarn and weave! Try weaving with different width and textured materials, even paper. Construction paper strips, twisted tissue paper or crepe paper can be colorful and pretty. Wider or thicker material will fill your loom quickly, finishing the project faster. 

Twig Worms: Wrap with pipe cleaners, add a head and now it's a worm!  

Find other Twig Ideas on Pinterest!

Twig Mobile/Picture Hanger:  Instead of hearts- hang beautiful spring flowers. Draw them or cut pictures from ads or magazines. 

Twig Frame: Glue pieces to cardboard frame/square. Add a string on back for hanging.

Bark Covered Frame: Many trees lose bark over the winter. Cut then glue for a rustic look.