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Cheerios Don't Have to be Just for Breakfast!

All you need for these fun fine motor activities is a box of Cheerios and some simple supplies. 

1. Let's count and make a Cheerio Tower: You will need Cheerios, play dough and a thin chop stick.  Place a ball of play dough on the table and stick the chop stick in it, so it is standing up.  Now carefully place the Cheerios on the chop stick.  How high can you go? 

- Instead of a chop stick, use an uncooked piece of spaghetti or string them on a licorice string. 

2. Cheerio Bird Feeder: You will need Cheerios and a pipe cleaner.  Bend the end of the pipe cleaner, so your Cheerios do not fall off.  Then string the Cheerios on the pipe cleaner until filled up!

- Hang it outisde for the birds to feast on! You can also dip the Cheerios in peanut butter or almond butter to attract the birds!

3.  Sort and Count: You need your Cheerios and an empty egg carton.  Write numbers on each space of the egg carton, count your Cheerios and fill up each space.  Do this before making your Cheerio tower, then take your Cheerios from the egg carton and place on your stick. 


- Don't forget your tongs and tweezers! Use your tongs to pick up and place Cheerios in any of these activities. 


Also use Fruit Loops too!  You can use them in all the above activities but also can work on patterns and sequences (1 red, 2 yellow, 1 green...) 


** Let's not waste food - Please try to gather up all cereal pieces and share them with pets, birds, squirrels, ducks, etc. But Please be careful that no inedible materials get included by mistake! ***

Cheerio Bird Feeder

Sort and Count

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Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR