Oral Motor Fun

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Oral Motor Fun

Huff and Puff Spelling: All you need is styrofoam or paper cups, cotton balls, and straws.  Cut a "door" in the top of each cup then place them upside down on the floor.  Write a letter on each cup. 

1. Pick a word to spell. 

2. Lying on your stomach take a straw and a pom pom, blow through the straw, moving the pom pom toward the letter you need.

Not ready to spell?  Just find a letter or find the letters in your name.  You can have a visual model to make the activity a little easier.  Or use shapes or numbers on the cups instead of letters.

Set up on the table instead of the floor.  Instead of cups, use a piece of paper with letters on it.  Take your straw and blow the pom poms to your letter.   

Oral Motor Zoomball

You Need: 

- String, a straw, balloon and tape. 

1.  Blow up the balloon and tape it to the straw.  Now place the straw on string.  Tie one end of the string to a chair or door knob, then the other end of the string to a chair.  Make sure the string is pulled tight. 

2.  Pull the balloon to one side, now blow the balloon to the other side!

Set up two and have a race!

Make your activity a little harder and crawl or crab walk while you blow the string.

Follow your oral motor warm up with the "Real" Zoomball/Zipper.  Classic two player toy for developing bilateral coordination, team work, timing, arm and hand strength and endurance. Soft 5” ball with approximately 7 feet of string. Smaller size makes it easier for indoor use and for fitting in therapy bags.

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Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR