Let's Work Together- Interdisciplinary Group Ideas

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Working Together

Interdisciplinary groups, whether physical therapy, speech therapy, or occupational therapy are working together can be a great way to improve overall skills for your students.  Here are some great group ideas to use with your team:

Backward Dodgeball: Have your students stand in a circle, the student with the ball will turn around, bending at the hips, roll the ball through their legs toward another student.  Add communication and have your student call out the name of a peer that they will throw the ball to.  Add gross motor before you throw the ball-jump five times then turn around and roll the ball, or balance for five seconds on one leg, hop and turn and throw.  Motor planning, strength, coordination, and socialization in one!

Clean the Barnyard: You need a bucket of balls, a mat, and a group of children.  Stand the mat in the middle of the room (you may need more than one mat or some other type of divider.  Split your group into two teams, one on either side of the divider.  The balls will be on both sides.  The idea is to clean your side (the barnyard) first.   Your students will run, jump, hop, skip, or gallop around picking up a ball and throw it on the other side.  Communicate with each other, work together to clear your side before the time runs out. 

Not Just Any Obstacle Course: Place some gross motor items on the floor, balance beam, hula hoops, bean bags.  Have your students work together, communicating on what should come first.  one student can write the steps down as they decide on what step comes first.  Once they have all the steps, they have to work together to build the obstacle course.  

Writing Together

Interdisciplinary Story Starters:  Work together to write a story.  Use one of these pictures or sentence starts to complete a paragraph.  Work together, communicate about what the story should be, add a writing step to an obstacle course; Jump over a large block, walk on the balance beam, and crawl through the tunnel but before your student stands up they have to write a sentence on the paper. 

1. We raked so many leaves we wer able to build a...

2. It starting raining purple and green, we thought....

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Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR