Fine Motor Fun With Straws!!

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Fine Motor Fun With Straws?!

Who Knew You could weave with straws?!! So fun and different!

You need straws,yarn, a piece of cardboard, and tape to get started. 

1. Start with 3 straws: For each straw, cut a  piece of yarn a few inches longer than you want the finished piece to be.  Tie the strands together with a knot and tape it to the cardboard. 

2. Feed each strand of yarn through a drinking straw, sliding the straws all the way up to the knot.

3. Tie the end of another piece of  yarn around the first taped-down strand.

4. Now start weaving!  Move the yarn over and under the straws.  Keep the weaving as tight as possible.  As the straws become wrapped  in yarn, slide the straws down to re-expose them.  Continue weaving  until your piece reaches the desired length.

5. To finish the end, tie the weaving strand and all of the base stands together in an overhand knot.  Now the only question is, what are you going to do with your yarn weaving?  Whatever you choose, you'll have fin making it!


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

More Fun With a Pack of Straws

Here are some more fun fine motor tasks all with a pack of straws. 

1. Cut and String: Take your straws and cut small half inch pieces, now string them on a piece of yarn or pipe cleaner.  Work on sorting and pattern copying as you cut sort the colors then make a pattern for your student to copy.  String a bracelet or necklace.

2. Make a Flute: Take nine straws and cut each a little shorter than the next.  So when you are finished cutting they look like a set of stairs.  Now line them up in size order and tape them together. 


Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR