Valentine's Day Fun

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Happy Valentine's Day Fun

February 14th is just around the corner! Here are some fun activities to fill your week ahead!

Heart Hide and Seek: Cut some hearts out of different colored construction paper and hide them through out the room.  Ready, set, find! Who can find the most hearts?   You can also write a letter on each heart- now you have to find certain letters and race to the finish.  For example; Joey has to find letters J-O-E-Y before he can run to the finish line!

Heart Hyperdash: Spread out your paper hearts, you can write letters, numbers, or shapes on them.  Everyone gathers in the middle, taking turns you call out a letter and your child has to run and find that letter.  Next child finds the next letter called out.  Modify your game with calling out shapes or colors.  And you don't have to run to your heart- you can jump, hop, skip, crab walk, or slither like a snake!


"Crafty" Hearts

Heart Suncatchers: You will need white coffee filters, water colors, and an eye dropper.  Cut your coffee filters into heart shapes.  Place your colors in small cups and spread out your coffee filters, flat on table.  Take one drop at a time of your Valentine color and squeeze onto the coffee filter.  Do this a couple of times.

When you  are finished with your colors- wet the coffee filter (do not soak), squeeze and done! You have a beautiful suncatcher to hang in your window.  

You can also place Water color in a spray bottle and spray the coffee filter with color.



Yarn Hearts: All you need is yarn and some glue!  Cut about one two feet of red or pink yarn, place yarn in a cup/bowl of glue.  As you pull the yarn out of the glue, ring it out.  Now place on a piece of wax paper in a heart shape.  Let dry over night!

Let's Write About It!

Start your story with these fun pictures and sentences....

1.  We broke open the large box of chocolates but there wasn't chocolate inside, there was......

2.  We went outside to pick flowerS but they had turned into candy!  There was a Starburst flower, Chocolate flowers and.....

My pet made me a Valentine, it looked like....

I thought I saw Cupid flying through the air, but it was....

Valentine Savings

Take ten percent off your order totaling $50.00 or more.  Place your online order by Saturday February 14th at midnight.  Use the code "Hearts2015" when placing your order. 

* Not valid on drop shipments.  Orders must be within the 48 contiguous US.