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Activities for Home Without Spending a Dime

Do you need something to do after school? In between homework and bed? Or on the weekends? But you don't feel like spending any money!!

Fun Filled Games With Everyday Stuff!

Do The Laundry!

Sort and Match: Take your pairs of socks and put them in a big pile and mix them up.  Have your child find the matches: you can work on concepts such as same, different, big and small. 

- Sock basketball: After you have sorted, matched, and folded your socks together see who can throw them and make a basket (into your laundry basket) Too easy? Shoot for a tupperware or bowl. 

-Use a broom and sock to play sock hockey or golf!

- If you have clothespins, strengthen those fine motor skills and pinch the clothespin putting the two socks together. 

- Your child can help with sorting other laundry also- Can they find all the pants or shirts that belong to them?  Sort by size or color?

Kitchen Fun!

- Rubberbands and soup cans; Take as many rubber bands as you can find and strengthen those little fingers by stretching the rubberbands over an empty soup can.  When you are finished you have a pencil holder!

- Cooling rack and pipe cleaners or string.  Use your cooling rack as a lacing tasks.  Have your child lace under and over between the wires of your cooling rack with a pipe cleaner, string or even shoelace licorice.  You can also use a colander instead of a cooling rack. 


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