Reduce Holiday Stress: Tips for the Child with Sensory Issues

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Reduce Holiday Stress: "Tips for the Child with Sensory Issues"

This time of year is stressful for everyone, but it can be especially overwhelming for those with "Sensory Issues", both children and adults!  Loud music everywhere, lights, crowds, hot-cold, smells (some good, others over-powering) all can quickly build to overload and melt-downs! 

So we have put together a few of our favorite, tried and true, ideas to help you and your child get through it all. Click Here to view or print. (Please use your back button to return here)  (Feel free to "Share" with others, print and re-post)

Senseez: Vibrating Seat Cushion or Pillow

Fun, new cushions/pillows that vibrate.

  • Only a few left  in stock!
  • Help ease the senses, soothe, calm the body & focus.
  • Simply sit or squeeze to activate those "Good Vibrations"!
  • Light, easy to carry & take along to the library, restaurant, car, plane, Dr.'s office, Grandma's too!
  • Styles vary & are limited. Green Turtle; Pink Dino (but I keep calling it a "cat"...); Plushy Cow; Red Octagon & Blue vinyl square.