A Holiday Twist to Hopscotch & Senseez Vibrating Cushions

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Twist on Old Favorite Activity #2:


You need some chalk or tape if you are inside to make the hopscotch board.  You can write numbers 1-10 in the boxes.  Throw a stone, bean bag or other marker to a square (usually in sequence). Then jump and hop to the square to retrieve the marker. Turn around, and return without dropping the object. Only 1 foot per square permitted. Alternate players and keep playing until you have completed all the squares.

New Hopscotch Holiday Twist:

  • Instead of numbers, use holiday designs- a christmas tree, candy cane, snowman, dreidel, party hat.  You can also write holiday related words such as lights, party, reindeer, santa, or presents to name a few.
  • After the child takes a turn, they must write down or draw the picture on a piece of paper of their square.  It helps track what square they did and practices writing at the same time!
  • Use construction paper or rug squares to "shuffle" the squares before each game.
  • Use holiday or seasonal themed markers like jiggle bells or dredeils. Or refer to colored bean bags by seasonal terms like: "reindeer brown"; "carrot-nose orange"; "holly green" etc.


Fun, new cushions/pillows that vibrate. Help ease the senses, soothe, calm the body & focus. Simply sit or squeeze to activate those "Good Vibrations"! Light, easy to carry & take along to the library, restaurant, car, plane, Dr.'s office, Grandma's too! Styles vary & are limited.