What does Baseball and the Sensory Miracle Belt have in Common?

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What Does Baseball & the Sensory Miracle Belt Have in Common?

Matt Bruback

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This is a true story. Matt was a Minor League baseball player on the fast track to the "big league", but things didn't go as expected. Read about:

  • What really goes on behind closed doors in baseball
  • What Matt endured
  • How he changed all of Minor League Baseball
  • How he developed the Miracle-Sensory Belt
  • How it has changed his life and the lives of so many children with Special Needs.

"Playing Catch with Destiny is a wonderful book. I could not put it down. While Matt’s baseball career was laced with injustices deeply rooted in the structure and organizations responsible for organized Minor and Major League Baseball, his strong ethics, good heart and love for others shines through. The ending of the book is truly the beginning, as I have witnessed firsthand the benefits that the miracle belt can offer children and adolescents. The belt has the look of a sports belt and children, especially boys, are proud to wear it. The therapeutic value far surpasses its look. It can help strength, balance, and motor control but can also help attention, focus and self-regulation. Matt's life experiences and personal need to physically improve led to the creation of the miracle belt, but destiny has led him to help others throughout the world. The world is a better place, because Matt is in it."

Caroyln Murray-Slutsky, MS OTR/L,
Author of Autism Interventions and
Is it Sensory or is it Behavior?

Here's Jack...

The Miracle Belt is a weighted therapy belt for children which promotes self calming, balance and increased body awareness by enhancing proprioceptive feedback. When wearing the belt children quickly feel more grounded, focused and secure. Attending and stability improves, distractibility decreases and children are better able and more neurologically prepared to participate in tasks and activities at home, school and at play. The proximal/central location of the Belt at the waist means less weight is required to effect a change. Worn under or over clothing, the Miracle Belt is a wonderfully freeing alternative to weighted vests. Made with EVA foam and neoprene weight pouches filled with tiny stainless steel balls, the Belt is one of the most comfortable, safe and durable sensory processing aids available! Use with or without a cover. Blue material cover gives the normally sporty black Miracle Belt more of a wardrobe accessory look!

  • ​T7024 Available in 4 sizes
  • ​From Pocket Full of Therapy
  • Removable "Easy Wash" Covers sold separately

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