Not "Just" Duct Tape - Hanna Makes a Cool Flower!

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Is it a Flower or a Pen?

Duct tape not only fixes everything but now you can be creative and make just about anything!  This was just a simple Bic pen transformed into a colorful flower.  You can make bows, flowers, wallets, flip flops, and much more.

Follow these simple instructions below to make a flower pen.  

Get any thin pen or pencil (if you don't mind covering the eraser) 

Wrap a piece of duct tape around the pen fully covering it completely.

Cut pieces of duct tape (at least 1.5 inches long; this will be the petals) 

Take one square and fold the top corners in to make a triangle on top.  Don't fold the triangle too much because seome of the sticky side is needed to stick to the pen.  

Wrap your triangle around the pen 

Keep making petals and wrapping them around pen to create the flower 

Another Fun Duct Tape Project - From Hanna!

You need a small box and your duct tape.  Wrap your duct tape around, making an animal house! Or use it for a doll house or car port.  

Use a smaller box and make a pencil holder or cut the bottom o the box with a half inch lip on it, cover with duct tape and you have a change or jewelry dish.  

Have Fun, Be Creative, and Don't Forget to Share with US!!! 




Stay Tuned for more step by step directions on duct tape projects. Various patterns and colors of duct tape can be found at craft stores.  

**A special thank you to Hanna W. of New Jersey for sharing with us!! 

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