"On the Spot" Brain Games

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Brain Games

Get those wheels turning with these fun brain games!  You can do the in the car, on the train, waiting in line or while getting on a plane.  These tricky brain games get those wheels turning! 

Alphabet Games

- Can you say the alphabet backwards?  Can you complete the alphabet if you start at letter K? What about starting at letter P? Sounds easy but give it a try.  

- Pick one word, any word.  Umbrella or beach- how many new words can you make from the letters in that original word? 

- Pick one letter- Now look around- how many items can you find that start with that letter?  How about finding items that end with that letter? 

Number Games 

- Can you count backwards from 100?  How about count backwards from 100 by 3s? 100-97-94-91-.......?   How about from 50 by 4's? 

-  Look around for numbers- how many can you find?  Can you add them up or subtract them?  What number do you end up with? 

- Play this next one with a 1 minute time limit.  Pick a number and an item in the environment.  You have one minute to find that number of your item.  Example for in your car: You have 1 minute to find 10 New jersey license plates.  

Brain Games With A Pack of Cards

All You Need is A Pack of Cards 

Sort by color, Sort by suit - How fast can you sort out a deck of cards?  

SNAP- You can play with 2 or more players.  Deal out the entire deck, place your cards in a pile and face down in front of you.  For each turn say "1, 2, 3 Snap" and turn over your first card.  If the cards match, be the first to call out the match.  You get those cards to put on the bottom of your pile. The winner has the most cards or whole deck.  

Sevens: Deal out the entire deck of cards.  The player with the seven of diamonds places it on the table, next player can put down 8 of diamonds or 6 of diamonds.  Place the cards next to the 7 as you work your way through the suit.  The game then continues to complete the suit.  A player can put down a 7 of a different suit but you have to work in order from there either up or down.  

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