Sensory "Stress-Busters" Just in Time for School!

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Sensory "Stress Busters"

"Stop Fidgeting, Stand Still, Just Wait a Minute, Stop Touching That!"  How often do you need to make these and similar comments to your children?  And where are you/they at the time? Shopping at the grocery store? Waiting in a doctors office or at an airport?  Talking to someone in person or on the phone?  Or maybe sitting still while getting their hair cut?  Having a Sensory "Stress-Buster" or fidget available for your child to play with at these and other stressful or challenging times, could be of tremendous help to both you and your child.

Or maybe you need your own stress buster?? While you're waiting for a medical test? In the dentist or doctor waiting room? Getting on an airplane when you might be afraid of flying!  Try will be surprised at how effective they can be at quieting the mind and the body!  

 Check out these awesome stress busting products! 

Chrome Tangle Jr: This smooth, shiny, and weighted fidgit is great for teens and adults too!  

Looking For a Different Fidget?

Soft, tactile, and resistive. Ergo Balls in two sizes. Tiny beads inside slide easily for a pleasing feel.


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​Focus Fidget: Soft, corduroy covered bag. A super fidget for the classroom; wrist strap can also be used to easily attach to it book-bags.

Sensory "Stress-Buster" Set Special:

Starting a new school year is stressful - for children, parents, teachers, therapists, everyone.... even the bus driver feels it! So here are our most popular "Stress-Busters", in a bundle, at a discounted price for easy, stress free Shopping!

This is also terrific collection of sensory toys to keep hands and fingers occupied, helping the brain focus on learning new information or perfect to use as rewards. Includes 1 each of the following items. (Specific items may vary, but value remains the same).

klixx                           Tangle Jr
Bead/DNA Ball       Inside Out Ball
Small Ergo Ball          Animal Jitter
Fickle Foam          Fuzz Tangle Jr.
Spaghetti Ball           Schrunchkin

T5555      On Sale:  $32.00  (Reg price $37.95)

Did You Know...

  • The top 3 most stressful cities in the U.S. are Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. 
  • The top most stressful jobs are surgeon, pilot, and photojournalist.  
  • Laughing lowers the stress hormone and strengthens the immune system.  

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