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We currently carry over 35 products developed by working therapists, teachers and parents, and over the years there have been many, many more.  Typically, makers of products are looking for the next big thing, the next yo-yo or fidget spinner.  Although that would be great, here at PFOT, we are OT's ourselves. We know how the smallest item may have a huge impact and value to the right client. So big or small - all ideas are taken very seriously. 

Here is a best seller:

Rona's Design Copy: 
Rona's design copy
Rona is a therapist at a school for very high functioning students with learning disabilities. As a result, this is not your usual design copying book. It is divided into sections from the very basic to expert or black diamond level. There are 75 designs. Some copied right next to the original design, some on a separate sheet of paper, some with the full grid. some without. There's a level for each of your clients to work on.