Activity Idea for Group or pairs

Quicksand Partners:  In a large space, mark off a play boundary. Then fill the space with various size hoops, shapes or ropes laid in circles of varying diameters. Play in teams of 2 - hiker and a rescuer. The hikers must start on any side of the play area and jump over the hoops, shapes and ropes to get to the other side. If they land in one of the shapes/hoops, they are stuck in quicksand and can not move until they catch a bean bag tossed to them by their rescuer, who is anywhere outside of the play area. You decide how many tries - bean bags can be used each time to get "unstuck". (A variation for older students, may be that they only get 5 tries for the whole course. For some, place a black paper /"rock" in the middle of a wide diameter that may be too large to clearly jump over.)