How Do You Communicate With Your Kids?

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Communicate And Connect

Communication and connecting with others is so important.  There are so many ways we can connect with our children.  Here are a few:

Asks Questions                    Laugh Together

Play                                     Listen 

Give Jobs                             Maintain Eye Contact 

Get on the Floor                   Create a Special Handshake


How do you encourage your children? "Good Job!" only goes so far. 

Here are some awesome ways to encourage your children! 

"That's the best you've ever done!"

" What a Super Star you are!"

"You Must Have Been Practicing!"

"Excellent Try!"

"Terrific Teamwork!"

"I Knew You Could Do It!"


Add an encouraging twist to your circle time! Each day have a special person, rotate through the week.  During your daily circle time, have that special person come to the front with you and each student in class has to say one nice and encouraging thing to the special person. 

You can also add an encouraging twist to any part of your day- a new routine at breakfast or maybe at dinner time.  During group sessions, you can end with each child picking another student and saying one encouraging statement.