Handwriting Important? Fun ways of celebrate National Handwriting Day

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Handwriting Important?
Why teach it?  Why learn it?  Why practice it?  Is it in the curriculum?  Should it be?  Isn't typing and keyboarding the way of the times?  
There is much discussion about these questions and both sides have their reasons, can site research and feel very strongly about their views. But that's an interesting topic for another time.  Instead let's have some fun with writing and showing children why writing and written communication is important in our everyday lives!


Make a Quill Pen:
Cut the tip of a craft store feather at an angle and you have a Quill! Make ink by adding a few drops of food coloring to water, or thin out watercolor paints. 
Practice writing their name; spelling words; a short note to Mom/Dad or a friend.

Shoe Grab Bag
Here's a fun group activity demonstrating how writing impacts daily life. Start by everyone taking off one shoe and placing it into a brown paper bag. A designated "writer" marks the bag by drawing a square, circle, triangle, happy face, the childs name or nothing at all, then shows the child the bag. At this point, play a game to distract for a few minutes. Maybe do the "hooky pooky" or other silly game. Then all bags are mixed up and placed on a line. Now the fun begins! In groups of 5, children must find their bag, without opening them, within 10 seconds! Can't find it quickly? Discuss the importance of writing and labeling and how it helps in daily life.

Secret Messages... Shhh....
Write a sentence or word using a special code!  Attention to detail, focus and legibility will determine success with this task. Take turns writing and deciphering, both practice key elements needed for handwriting.
Draw the Space/Shape to represent the letter.
Each picture represents a letter. Simplier designs or shapes can be used to make it easier.