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Fun Fall Story Starters

There are many different ways to practice writing.  Use these story starters and pictures just to make it more fun.  Take these beginnings as a jump start and have your children finish them.  How creative can they be? 

1.  We watched the big, fat turkey run across the street away from .....

2. At the farm, there were blue cows, giant turkeys, purple and pink pigs, and ....

3. Our whole family was sitting at the Thanksgiving table when all of a sudden we heard...

4.  We went on a hike through the woods when all of a sudden falling from the sky was a....

  • One day on the farm....
  • "The cow asked the..."
  • "A yellow bus stopped and children got off to visit! They..."
  • "The farmer wasn't feeling well, so the animals..."
  • "Pretend you are a leaf. High up on tree"
  • Are there animals? birds, squirrels, bats or owls?
  • What's the weather feel like? Season's?

Fun With Writing

  • Pen pals are fun, but can be a lot of work to coordinate. But what if you write to an animal pal?  As the therapist, or teacher start a writing exchange with your students.  If you have a pet (or grew up with one) encourage your students to write them, ask questions, & share their own pet stories. Of course, the fun part is when your animal writes back.  Don't have a pet? How about if they write to one of their family members that does or did. Maybe Grandpa's dog growing up or Uncle Scott's lizard?
  • "What would you like to see for Thanksgiving dinner?" - Have your child create their own Thanksgiving "wish" menu. They can describe in their own words what each item tastes or looks like & draw pictures
  • Use the alphabet in your games! Switch your letters in tic tac toe, you don't have to always use X's and O's.  Make your hopscotch board with letters instead of numbers!



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