Thanksgiving Trivia and Turkey Day Specials

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Thanksgiving Trivia

Here are some Thanksgiving fun facts! See if you and your students can answer them correctly.  Find the answers on our Specials Page by clicking the picture to the right. 

  • What balloon has been in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade the longest?
  • What is the weight of sweet potatoes eaten each Thanksgiving in America?
  • Which President declared Thursday November 26th be celebrated as Thanksgiving Day? When did that date change?
  • Besides a Thanksgiving side dish, what were cranberries used for by the Native Americans?
  • How many pounds of turkey are eaten on Thanksgiving Day?

Turkey Day Fun

We have probably posted this every year but it has become a tradition in classroom groups and at home, so for those of you who may not have seen the "Making Butter" post, here it is:

You need:

Small glass jar with cover and heavy cream

  • Pour heavy cream in the jar, filling jar about one third
  • Now Shake!!  Have your kids stand up, jump around, and dance while they are shaking
  • Your heavy cream will turn into butter, make sure you check after shaking for a minute or two.  Too much shaking will give you whipped cream
  • When your butter is done, remove from the jar and enjoy!!         

Don't throw those jars out!! When you are finished with your butter, clean out the jar and use it for this fun craft!

  • Clean and dry your jar and cover.  Fill with gold glitter, brown paper or you can paint the inside brown.  Cover and turn over.  (This is your turkey's body)
  • Trace your child's hands on construction paper- at least two hands and cut them out. 
  • Paste the hands to the back of the jar and glue google eyes and orange triangle to the front, to make a face!
  • Now you have a turkey centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. 


Turkey Week Specials

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