Do you know these Wacky November Holidays?

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Fun and Wacky November Holidays

November is chock full of wacky holidays- almost one for each day!  Here are just a few;

  • November 9th is Chaos Never Dies Day
  • November 15th is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
  • November 16th is Button Day
  • November 23rd is Cashew Day
  • And of course, Turkey Day!!

Story Starters for NovemberMake up a Holiday!

You can write sentences or a story.  Have your children design a card or illustrate a way to celebrate what holiday they would celebrate.  See how creative they can be!

  • What holiday would you make up? 
  • How would you celebrate?
  • Draw a logo to celebrate your holiday. Design a flag or decorations that you can use. 
  • Are schools, banks, and the post office closed on your holiday? Or do you celebrate in school? 
  • Celebrate with cake and ice cream or is it a backyard bbq day?

Messy Play- Cloud Dough

You only need 2 ingredients! Flour and Baby Oil

- Mix 4 cups of flour and 1/2 cup baby oil together

Mix in a bowl or on a tray.  Squeeze it into a ball.  Build a mountain then roll over it with a toy car.  Use one finger and write letters and numbers.  When your done, bottle it up and save for next time. Have fun!

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