Not Just a Cup!

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Not Just A Cup
How many activities can you do with a simple cup or two?  Here are just a few and all you need are some plastic cups!
1. Stack a cup pyramid- Place five on the bottom, then four on top, three, two then one.  How do you knock it down?  Use your motor planning skills, upper body and trunk strength and control!
- Lying prone on a scooterboard- Ready, Set, Go! Can your child      knock down the pyramid in one push of the scooter? Try sitting up if using your arms is too difficult. 
- Laying on your stomach in front of the pyramid- Can your child blow the cups down? Try using a straw to blow the cups down.  Upper body, neck, trunk strength and oral motor control at work here!
- Sitting or standing in front of the pyramid- Go bowling! Roll or bounce a ball, or crumple up paper and try to knock them down! Bilateral coordination, motor planning, and strength all in one activity!
2. Cup miniature golf- Miniature golf anywhere! All you need is a cup as the hole and a ping pong ball! Can you get a hole in one? How is that eye hand coordination?
3. Cup Stack with a Twist- Write a letter on the outside of each cup.  Now have your child stack the cups in order from A to Z, write a word on the board, have them find the letters and stack!  Visual motor skills at work!
Try any of these activities during group or as a team.  Work together to set up the pyramid or relay race to knock them down!

Product Highlight
Cup-A-Cup is a fun, clever way to work on visual processing and response speed. Game includes 9 cups each with a circle, square or triangle, in blue, yellow or red, printed on the bottom. The two dice are marked with those same shapes and colors.  So the object is to be the first player to grab the cup whose bottom shape completes the set indicated by the throw on the dice. If a red circle and a red square are thrown all players should be racing for the red triangle cup. And if a yellow square and blue triangle are thrown, be the first to pick up the red circle. First person to collect 4 cups is the winner! After the game is over, try stacking the cups. It is a fun and very motivating way to build arm, shoulder and trunk stability and control.

Compiled by Lisa Walker OTR