SNOW!!! Even If It Isn't Coming Your Way

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Falling From The Sky or Not- Let's Play In the Snow

Here in the Northeast the snow is coming- What to do??  For those of you in the nice warm weather, you can still play in the snow!  Here are some fun and snowy activities to do with your children!

1. Snowball Fight For Everyone: All you need is some paper or tissue paper.  Work on your fine motor strength, crumbling a piece of paper into a ball.  Make as many as you can.  Now start throwing!!!  Make obstacles or barriers to protect yourself. 

Don't want to throw at each other? Try shooting snowball baskets using your trash can or laundry basket. 

2. Jack Frost Game: GROUP ACTIVITY!!

Materials: Draw a picture of a snow ball, snowflake and icicle shapes on paper, also need chairs or carpet squares, or tape marker for each player. 

Divide your children into 3 groups (the snowballs, snowflakes, and the icicles)

Tape one labeled paper shape on each child to indicate what group they are a part of.  Have your children sit on their spot.  

One student is Jack Frost, have him/her stand in the center of the circle.  Remove Jack Frost's spot, so there is one less then the amount of children playing.  (No one is being eliminated!)

Start by having Jack Frost call out ONE of the group names- such as snowflakes.  When they hear their group called, they have to stand up and run to another chair.  At the same time, Jack Frost tries to get into one of the empty spots. 

Whoever is not sitting down is the New Jack Frost. 

If Jack Frost calls "Snowstorm" everyone gets up and shuffles!

Motor planning, attention, socialization, and sensory processing all in one group activity!

3. Indoor Ice Skating: Messy or Non Messy

      For the non messy version; clear an area on a rug or floor, and tape wax paper to the bottoms of your children's shoes.  Let them skate around the room.  Skate in pairs or skate back ward. 

Instead of wax paper you can also glide on felt squares to skate around. 

     Messy Version; You will need mats to cover the floors, in case anyone falls.  Spray shaving cream on the mats, after taking your children's shoes and socks off, jump in and start skating. 

Either activity provides motor planning, sensory input, coordination, and Fun!!!


Compiled By Lisa Walker OTR